What is ODEX Pilling

What is ODEX Piling?

You can anticipate several problems in various types of drilling, including rotary, churn, diamond, and percussion. Unforeseen and unexpected problems in drilling are inevitable.

ODEX drilling is one of the most recent and cutting-edge technological development that is frequently helpful in underground drilling projects where blockages are found or expected. When drilling needs to penetrate intensively through rock strata or boulders, ODEX is thought to be absolutely necessary.

What is ODEX Piling?

ODEX is an abbreviation for Overburden Drilling EXcentric. It is a piling mechanism used for drilling through sub-terrain or rough objects such as rocks or boulders rocks. It can be used to flush out undesired material, drill through overburden, soil, and rock, and bring a steel casing down the hole with the drill.

Where is ODEX Piling Used?

ODEX piling is used in the following cases:

  • When drilling rock sockets
  • When drilling for Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)
  • When drilling through boulders, obstructions, and rock strata
  • When installing temporary or permanent casing

Where is ODEX Piling Used

ODEX Piling Process

A drill string intended for heavy-duty use is lowered methodically into the outer casing or steel tube. This drill bit cuts at an astonishing speed as it drills. The bit actively opens a hole that may be somewhat larger in diameter than the steel casing.

The steel casing is continuously hammered as the drill bit strikes the shoes inside the casing. Throughout the operation, high-pressure air is released through the flushing holes. An air discharge hits the drill bit, pushing it forward and causing the casing to rise at the backup.

Once the drill bit has reached the desired depth, the professionals reverse it. The drill is retracted from the casing in a reverse procedure. The casing is finally left in place while the drill is withdrawn.

Following the installation of a strong bar, the pile is filled with concrete or grout. The experts can remove or leave the casing tube in place once the grouting or cementing is finished.

ODEX Piling Advantages

  • ODEX piling can carry out any overburden drilling operation without deviating. The bit design of the ODEX drilling maintains the casing’s straightness, resulting in straight holes.
  • The ODEX has concentric and hammer penetration capabilities. While hammering broken rocks or boulders, you can dig deeper using concentric patterns.
  • When compared to other more demanding processes, ODEX drilling is smoother.
  • ODEX is simple and contains few components as compared to other drilling techniques. For instance, some designs have numerous parts, such as pilot bits, reamer bits, steel balls, set screws, spring pins, and many others, which are frequently expensive and not cost-effective to maintain.
  • The ODEX contains sturdy parts that are not readily broken and require less maintenance over time.

ODEX Piling Disadvantages

  • ODEX is a specialised technique requiring knowledgeable drill rig operators
  • It is a time taking procedure
  • Expensive steel
  • High cost of compressors with enough capacity
  • High cost of consuming diesel
ODEX Piling Disadvantages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Piling drilling is a technique of drilling poles. This drilling method is mainly used to drill in clay, silty clay, and sandy soil. Additionally, it is also widely used in foundation reinforcement, diaphragm walls, and foundation projects.

Here are a few other drilling techniques:

  • Electro-Drilling
  • Cable Drilling
  • Rotary Drilling
  • Directional Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling

There are two main types of piling techniques:

  • Friction Piles
  • End Bearing Piles

Contiguous piling is the cheapest form of piling used in areas with groundwater levels and dry soil. It is the cheapest and quickest way of building retaining walls.     


The ODEX piling is the advanced and latest technology for easy overburden drilling. It is widely used in caving and rock formation projects, which makes it the only one of its type.

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