Permeation Grouting

What is Permeation Grouting? | Process, Applications, and Advantages

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting is commonly referred to as “pressure grouting”. It is a technique that involves injecting the liquid grout at high pressure underground to fill the void and spaces in order to strengthen it and reduce its permeability.

It is an extensive process that requires drilling in the site to dig boreholes up to the desired depth. Typically, the depth is 20m; however, it may vary according to the ground conditions. While the diameter of the borehole usually ranges from 90mm to 150mm. This technique helps to inject grout up to the depth of 60m or close to 200ft.

Permeation grouting provides strength, support, and foundation settlement control.  Read the blog further to explore its process, applications, and advantages.

Process of Permeation Grouting

Permeable grouting involves an easy installation process. Here we have explained the procedure for permeable grouting to help you understand its procedure step by step.

  • In the first step, the engineers do a thorough site inspection using rigorous geotechnical tests to understand the soil requirement and craft a bespoke design.
  • Then on the scheduled time, the area is prepared by ensuring safety measures, placement of equipment, and site clearance.
  • A system helps to drive the data required for each phase of the process, i.e.
  1. Setting-up stage (calculations of required grout volume and determination of borehole specifications.)
  2. Acquisition and injection settings
  3. Controlling the grouting plant (monitoring the pump and injection-pressure data)
  4. Tracking quality and production.
  • Then, the holes are drilled in the ground up to the required depth, followed by grout pumping.
  • The grout pumping is done using Tube a Manchette (TaM) pipes, which are entered into the ground where permeable grouting is required. The tube consists of rubber sleeves, which are used to cover the grouting holes. Grout is pumped into the TaM and is injected at high pressure into the grouting area.
  • The injected grout reached the primary and secondary basis. After the primary grouting is done, a finer grout mix is used for the secondary injections. The injections are strictly monitored to ensure accuracy and precision.
  • Once the grouting is completed, various tests are done to ensure the quality of the treatment.
Permeation Grouting

Applications of Permeation Grouting

  • It is helpful during the excavation process.
  • It helps to prevent excessive soil movement.
  • It helps to stabilise granular soils and provide additional strength.
  • It is helpful in structural repairs.
  • It helps to control and minimise the water flow underground
  • It helps to support foundations.

Advantages of Permeation Grouting

  • It is a less disruptive method.
  • It is relatively cost-effective as compared to other methods of soil stabilisation.
  • It has versatile applications.
  • It is quicker than underpinning.
  • It is a cleaner method.
  • It is a highly precise method that ensures precise grout placements while allowing the grout to reach the smallest cavities.
  • It improves the load-bearing capacity of the soil.
  • It adds strength to the foundation.
  • It reduced the permeability of the soil hence increasing its durability and longevity.
  • It helps in the settlement control.
  • It is helpful to work in restricted areas.
  • It is a flexible option as it can adapt current/existing foundations.


  • Permeation grouting is a highly expensive process because it requires precise tools and techniques, which can increase the overall cost.
  • Permeation grouting that involves certain chemical grouts can be toxic to underground water and the environment. However, today, you can find low-toxicity chemical grouts.
  • It is unfeasible in the case of very low permeability sands as the injection rate at permissible pressures is extremely slow, making it almost impossible.
  • To achieve the desired performance requirement, it requires strictly monitored construction parameters.

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