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We are catered towards the domestic and commercial clients, We have great teams of piling & Underpinning contractors who are all in house trained and employed by our company and do not source outside contractors to take on work under our name. Our teams cover all over the south of the Uk and we have a wide variety of piling machines to undertake almost any job. We can undertake all of the associated ground works which go with piling so we can do the ground beams or your Rc raft ready for the builder to build straight on. We can also undertake full designs with our structural design team or work with your structural engineer always with a cost effective and practical method in mind. We like to offer a transparent service with no hidden or nasty extras at the end of our service and pride ourselves on being fair and honest to all of our clients.

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Southern Foundations Piling offers a solution in the form of restricted access piling for areas where heavy and oversized conventional machinery cannot be used. Having a proven track record, we are committed to delivering high-quality and robust services to our clients.

Restricted access piling involves piling methods in locations that are challenging with respect to logistics and areas’ complexity. The restriction in such areas can also be in regards to the width and height.

Uses of Restricted Access Piling

Restricted access piling can be used in places with:

  • Restricted headroom
  • Noise or vibration limitations
  • Weight limits
  • Surcharge limits
  • Archaeological sensitivity
  • Underpinning structures or buildings

Advantages of Restricted Access Piling

  • Helps in installing piles in the already constructed buildings, under bridge structures, and in the tunnels.
  • Reduces the risk of noise pollution.
  • Involves lesser vibrations, leading to reduced disruption in the surrounding areas.
  • Can be used in all ground types, such as contaminated or obstructed land.
  • Can be used in combination with other forms of piling for maximising on-site efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Emits lesser carbon emissions, making this technique environmentally friendly.

Process of Restricted Access Piling

Our specialist engineers carry out the restricted access piling process in the following steps:

  • Use drilling technique to advance the casing to a certain design depth.
  • Fill the bottom of the casing with a driving plug.
  • Utilise a free-fall hammer to make the plug compact and push the casing segment down until a certain length is attained.
  • Install reinforced steel in the pile casing.
  • Pump in high-strength cement grout.

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Types and Techniques of Restricted Access Piling

At Southern Foundations Piling, we use different types of restricted access piling techniques to fulfil the requirements of our clients:

  • Our expert engineers specialise in SFA (Sectional Flight Auger) piling for installing piles in areas with low headroom or restricted access.
  • We can make your project cost-effective and eco-friendly with our bottom-driven mini piling Along with requiring lesser concrete as compared to other techniques, it produces zero spoil which makes its suitable for contaminated soils.
  • If your project location has boulders and rock strata, or you need to support heavy vertical loads, we can help you with an overburden drilling system.
  • We offer high-capacity self-drilling deep foundation solutions in the form of drill bars or micro piles. Having a diameter of 5 to 12 inches, and a depth of up to 50 meters, they can penetrate deep into the ground to transfer structural loads.
  • Our engineers are experienced in carrying out jack piles technique which help push piles into the ground bearing a competent stratum.
  • Groundmat tool is used for the efficient installation of piles by our engineers in domestic properties for extension purposes. It is suitable for pile installation in confined working areas and sites with restricted access.

Taking care of the environment and surrounding communities, we ensure the delivery of high-standard and safe projects, completed on time and within your budget. Contact us to discuss your project and get the best quote.


Restricted access piling can help you access remote or logistically challenging sites using lighter and smaller rigs. It needs less operational space and more straightforward work to complete the construction.

Restricted access piling can efficiently help access structures where large rigs cannot be used. Its applications include the following:

  • Strengthening existing buildings or bridge foundations.
  • Carrying out pre-demolition piling within already-made basements.
  • Drilling through natural or artificial obstacles in the ground.

This type of piling is considered environmentally friendly as it involves low vibrations, generating less noise, thus preventing noise pollution in the surroundings. It does not require demolishing the existing structures, saving resources and avoiding land pollution.

Piling is a complex process, requiring adherence to general safety rules along with experience and expertise. We ensure safety considerations by:

  • Lifting the piles with slings or other equipment.
  • Covering or barricading the holes which are made earlier to prevent a possible fall.
  • Instructing workers not to be under the hammer or core at any moment of time.
  • Keeping workers away from the leads during the changing of hammer cushions or cap blocks.
  • Keeping the hammer under control while driving.
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