Piling & Mini Piling

Piling & Mini Piling

Southern Piling & Foundations Ltd skilled Engineering Team can design the most cost-effective solution for your foundation needs, and to solve the most technically demanding problems. With our comprehensive range of mini piling equipment and techniques we can gain access to the most restricted sites and install a range of mini pile types and diameters tailor made for your foundation requirement.

Groundwork Services

Southern piling & foundations Ltd are a civil engineering and groundwork’s contractors located in the Exeter , London and south of England. Here at Southern Piling & foundations Ltd, we have a fully experienced team who will be more than capable to undertake any sort of groundwork that you require.


Under Pinning

Underpinning is the process of strengthening existing foundations under buildings. Underpinning is usually required when a building subsides due to the foundations sinking into the ground or when a second floor construction is planned on a single story building but it is built on foundations that are not fit for more weight.

Continuous Flight Auger CFA Piling

Continuous Flight Auger/ CFA Piling

CFA or Continuous Flight Auger is one of the most frequently used piling techniques. The piling system uses a varying range of rigs large or small which screw a hollow stemmed auger into the ground. When the auger has reached its predefined depth, concrete is pumped through the auger and into now formed cavity. The pump pressure and flow rate are closely monitored at all times.

Traditional Underpinning

Here at southern piling & foundations ltd we specialise in Traditional underpinning,’ the mass concrete underpinning has been used for over a 100 years in age, and the method has not changed. Traditional underpinning method strengthens an existing structure’s foundation by digging box like squares by hand underneath your property and pouring concrete in a strategic order. The end result is a foundation much stronger built underneath your current foundation.

Mini Piled Underpinning

Southern Piling & Underpinning specialise in Mini piled underpinning these have the greatest beneifit when ground conditions are variable, where access is restricted, or environmental pollution is significant, or where structural movements must be minimal. Mini piled underpinning is mostly specified when the loads from the foundations can’t be found within 2 meters of ground surface and loads need to be transferred to stable ground at depths usually in excess of 4 meters.

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