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Contiguous Pile Wall

Technology has facilitated our lives in every way imaginable. What seemed impossible a few decades ago has become a reality in this era. Contiguous piled walls are among these wonders that have opened limitless opportunities for us. Bestowing the ability to construct heavy structures in the most unstable soil and environmental conditions, they have allowed us to explore new possibilities in the construction realm. However, they require highly specialised hands and a precise approach to reap its benefits and ensure the safety of the structure.

Southern Foundations & Piling is a renowned company that has been constructing contiguous piled walls for over 18 years. Our engineers are the experts, fully equipped to construct contiguous retaining walls with stark precision.

How Do We Carry It Out?

  1. A site survey is conducted to assess the soil conditions, project requirements and clients’ expectations to design a bespoke piles solution for the project.
  2. The piling technique is selected based on the site conditions and pile design. We can execute different piling techniques, such as CFA piling and rotary bored piling, to install contiguous piled walls.
  3. Drilling and concreting are carried out using the selected piling technique and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise execution.
  4. Pile cage reinforcement is installed to provide tensile strength against lateral and bending forces, and the pile is allowed to achieve its design strength through setting and curing.
  5. Capping beams are installed to ensure all the piles act as monolithic structures against the lateral forces exerted by the neighbouring soil.

Versatile Applications of Contiguous Piled Walls

Contiguous piled retaining walls find their applications in a number of commercial and domestic settings. They are generally used in urban environments with closely spaced buildings. Their applications also include coastal areas with loose soil.

Our engineers are equipped with the latest piling equipment and can install contiguous piled walls under every condition. Below are some of the most common applications of contiguous piled walls:

  • Construction of cellars or basements
  • Excavation support
  • Slope stabilisation
  • Inserting substructures
  • Bridge abutment
  • Embankment cuttings

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Benefits of Contiguous Piled Walls Construction

  • Constructing contiguous pile walls is simpler during load variations, eliminating the need for a guide wall and allowing for construction flexibility.
  • These walls offer a cost-effective solution compared to diaphragm walls, enhancing their economic viability for specific projects.
  • Contiguous pile walls can adapt to more varied geometry than diaphragm walls, providing versatility in design.
  • They boast a high load-bearing capacity, ensuring stability and safety for both excavations and structures.
  • Contiguous pile walls can be installed in challenging ground conditions, making them suitable for a wide array of projects.
  • In high-priced metropolitan areas, contiguous pile walls present an efficient solution for deep excavations.
  • They are well-suited for densely populated urban areas where traditional retaining methods might encroach on neighbouring properties, offering a space-efficient solution.
  • Contiguous pile walls are suitable for sites with existing footings of adjacent buildings and underground utilities, providing excavation support without disturbing surrounding structures.

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Southern Foundations & Piling Ltd. boasts a staggering experience of more than eighteen years in designing and installing perfect contiguous pile walls in the UK. With a team of highly capable structural and civil engineers and cutting-edge piling equipment, we are the leading local piling company. Contact us today, and let’s mark the commencement of your project.


A contiguous piled wall is a type of retaining wall consisting of closely spaced piles to retain the soil and secure the structure against landslides.

Contiguous piled walls can be designed as waterproof structures depending on the soil conditions. You can talk to our experts for more information.

Yes, we are offering versatile piling solutions near you, including:

  • Mini-piling
  • Traditional piling
  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piling
  • Contiguous piling
  • Mini-piled underpinning
  • Steel Cased Driven (SCD) piling
  • Screw piling

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