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If you are building your home or a workplace or any property for the very first time, then you might come across a bunch of new terms that you won’t be aware of. It is fine as being new to the world of construction makes you feel a bit lost. This is why Southern Foundations Piling is here to help you. We focus on educating our clients about their project and how it will happen, along with the materials and procedures that will be used.

Where you will come across several new terms, you will also hear the word piling, ample times. Piling Taunton is the foundation of any property or building that you have to build. It strengthens your property and makes a strong base for weak soil. It is the basic support that is needed by any building. You cannot make a property stand without a basic support system, right? Piling is that support system! It is important for setting the deep foundations of your building, to ensure that it will stand tall and strong for the years to come.

When is Piling Needed?

Piling Taunton is needed in two major situations:

  1. If the soil that has to be the base of the building is weak, then you need to get Piling in Taunton done. Weak soil cannot support the building and will be built to fall apart anytime. To ensure that the building is standing safely on weak soil, the soil is strengthened through piling.
  2. Secondly, if the building has extremely concentrated load, then piling is essential. For instance, a highly structured building will need a lot of heavy equipment and a lot of weight will be put on it. Thus, piling is important and cannot be overlooked in such construction projects.

Piling foundations have the capacity of holding heavier loads, in comparison to spread footings. Thus, a professional contractor understands when piling foundations are required. Southern Foundations Piling has a team of experts who examine and analyse the soil condition before the project is even planned to determine the basis that has to be installed.

Piling Taunton

Types of Piling Foundations

There are two basic types of pilings that exist in the construction industry, i.e. end bearing piles and friction piles. Both of them vary according to their structural behaviour and perform in their own specific ways.

Friction piles

Friction piles work by transferring the load of the property, to the weak soil, across the entire height of the pile, via friction. In simpler words, the surface of the pile works to transfer the files to the soil.

End Bearing Piles

In this type, the piles are rested on a rock or a stronger soil foundation and then the load of the property is transferred to the stronger layer, through that pile. We can say that the pile works like a column. This surface is the intersection between the stronger and the weaker layer and the load is passed through the weaker one to lay the foundation on the stronger one.

What are Piles Composed of?

There are different materials of piles; they can be created out of wood, steel or concrete. However, the material of the piles that will be used in your location.

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Southern Foundations Piling is here to help you. If you are starting your construction project, then we are here to plan, design and prepare your project. From Piling in Taunton to building; we manage your entire construction projects. We also educate you about every tiny detail that is involved in your project. If your building does not require piling as the space is limited, then we will opt for mini piling. Many factors have to be considered before making the right choice and we make sure to analyze your location deeply, before planning your construction design.

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