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We are catered towards the domestic and commercial clients, We have great teams of piling & Underpinning contractors who are all in house trained and employed by our company and do not source outside contractors to take on work under our name. Our teams cover all over the south of the Uk and we have a wide variety of piling machines to undertake almost any job. We can undertake all of the associated ground works which go with piling so we can do the ground beams or your Rc raft ready for the builder to build straight on. We can also undertake full designs with our structural design team or work with your structural engineer always with a cost effective and practical method in mind. We like to offer a transparent service with no hidden or nasty extras at the end of our service and pride ourselves on being fair and honest to all of our clients.

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Underpinning Woking

Southern Foundations Piling is a leading expert in Structural Repairs, Renovation and Strengthening of Brickwork, Masonry and Concrete Structures, Underpinning, and Mini Piling. We can provide comprehensive Underpinning and Repair schemes, Underpinning Woking designed in-house by our design squad, construct new Foundations, and combine up-to-date repair methods with traditional skills for textures that are attractive, hard-wearing, and effective.

Services include Structural Repairs, Major Crack Repair, and Tie Bar Installation, Cintec Anchor Installation, Helical Bar Installations. Underpinning, Reinforced Concrete and Mini Piling Works. General Insurance Perils including Fire, Flood, and Impact Damage Restoration offering quality advice and services in landscaping, Gardening, and Fencing. We pride ourselves on offering a quick, well-organized service and are always aware of our customers’ requirements.

Build Your Home Right From the Ground Up​

The foundation is literally what your house is built upon so you want to make certain that it is constructed appropriately and with first-class materials. That is where we come in. Our company has been providing professional foundation construction and repair for years.

We have unbelievable experience in the more practical areas of inevitability such as bathrooms, kitchens, and making family living areas. This also comprises tailored work such as TV rooms with customer surrounds and custom hand-crafted units also.

We can assist, support, and guide any project with an outstanding service record and have a portfolio of clients who will promise for this. If customers want something tailored, we take the time to research and look for the dealers with the niche talent essential to ensure the outcome meets our client’s needs.

Quotes are Obtainable

We want you to be self-assured by knowing precisely what you’re getting and that is why we offer FREE evaluations before any work is completed. Call us to discuss your options and get a FREE estimate today.

Highly Trained Engineers

Our highly trained Underpinning in Woking engineers and inspectors are skilled in assessing the problem and providing the most suitable system for the job. Several factors influence the choice, counting the nature of the building, the primary ground conditions, and the sternness and amount of the damage.

We use a wide variety of plant and equipment, from mini piling rigs, exactly intended to gain access into unreachable sites, to larger piling rigs for use in overall open sites, allowing us to construct appropriate foundation solutions in the mainstream of ground conditions.

Ongoing Assurance to the Peak Standards of Workmanship​

As part of our continuing commitment to the highest standards of workmanship and health and wellbeing, Southern Foundations Piling offers its staff and workers vocational and health and safety working out. Southern Foundations Piling experience in the underpinning and operational repair industry and offers their customers complete packages that comprise underpinning, reinstatement, structural repair, and renovation.

General Insurance Perils

Fire, Flood, Escape of Water and Impact Damage

Southern Foundations Piling have increased an excellent standing for restoring and renovating buildings that have smarted from overall perils such as fire, flood, leakage of water, and impact damage.

Our directly working and fully skilled operatives can produce first-class restoration and renovation work to tight limits to allow a property to be given back to its proprietors as soon as possible.

To support us in any professional works, from Hardwood Flooring, Underpinning Woking, Fibrous Plasterwork to Commercial Kitchen Installations, we have industrialized good working dealings with expert sub-contractors that are frequently supervised and assessed not only for their values of work but their Health and Safety presentation and constant staff training.

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Traditional Underpinning​

Here at Southern Foundations Piling we expert in Traditional underpinning,’ the mass concrete underpinning has been used in age, and the technique has not altered. The traditional underpinning technique reinforces an existing structure’s foundation by digging box-like squares by hand beneath your property and heavy concrete in a strategic order. The outcome is a foundation much sturdier built beneath your current foundation. The traditional underpinning process is applied when the present foundation is at a shallow penetration but works well up to 15 meters deep. This technique has not transformed since it began with its use of practical tools such as shovels and post-hole diggers.

large equipment is not used in this way due to the small size of the boxes being detached from under your current footings. Many specialists are using this type of underpinning, counting the simplicity of the engineering, the low price of labor, and the steadiness of the structure’s use during building.
This method of underpinning requires the excavation of holes under the current foundations.

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