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Steel Cased Driven Piling

Steel Cased Driven piling is a bottom-driven type of piling that either utilises a drop hammer piling rig or a vibrating mole. Steel tubing installation protects pile casings and tubes from groundwater and leakage.

Where to Use Steel Cased Driven Piles?

Steel cased driven piles are usually installed in places with:

  • Strong underground water flow
  • Spaces having restricted headroom
  • Made ground
  • Ground with a high water table
  • Gravelly/Sandy ground
  • Cut-off level located above ground level
  • Contaminated land
  • Cavities or very soft and unsteady top or intermediate soil layers
  • Difficult to access, narrow, or confined working areas

Advantages of Steel Cased Driven Piling

The following are the advantages of steel cased driven piling:

  • Small and lightweight piling rigs.
  • Need minimum site preparation.
  • Can be handled manually because of their small typical size of 2.00m.
  • Can be employed in sites with limited access and limited headroom.
  • Requires no spoil removal; therefore, it is suitable for installation in contaminated sites.
  • Suitable for sensitive areas because of low noise and vibrations.
  • Piles can be cut easily to the required length.
  • Casings come in various ranges of diameters and can be delivered in any length.
  • Requires no disposal costs because there are no arisings during the process of piling.
  • Produces minimal waste, positively impacting the ecology.

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Process of Steel Cased Driven Piling

Our engineers, specialised in steel pile foundations, carry it out in the following steps:

  • Drive thin-walled casings’ short sections into the ground to position the tube.
  • Fill the bottom of a permanent tube or casing with a driving plug.
  • Use a free-fall hammer to compact the plug and lower the casing segment to drive it into the soil.
  • Weld the additional elements of the tube to drive the pile deeper.
  • Repeat this process until a certain length is achieved for installation.
  • Withdraw the internal hammer from the casing.
  • Fill the hollow casing with concrete to place the steel reinforced concrete foundation.
  • Plunge a reinforcement bar to a specific length in the wet concrete to complete the pile.


Laying steel pile foundation does not require spoil removal and produces limited vibrations and noise pollution during pile installation as the driving is done inside the tube, therefore, leaving minimum impact on the environment.

The standard diameter for steel RC piles falls somewhere between 168mm to 609mm with theoretically unlimited length, has approximately 2.275kN allowable bearing capacity, and can withstand horizontal forces requiring bending stiffness and shear resistance.

The following are some of the pile ranges, along with their respective bearing capacities:

  • 150mm diameter pile (100 kN)
  • 220mm diameter pile (300 kN)
  • 273mm diameter pile (400 kN)
  • 324mm diameter pile (500 kN)

Steel cased driven piles can be used for laying the foundations for different structures used for different purposes, such as:

  • Commercial
  • Heavy civil works
  • Industrial
  • Residential

Steel cased piles offer several advantages in terms of their impressive compressional and tensile strength, light weight, easy shipping and installation, easy splicing by welding, deep penetration in the hard layers of ground, and support for heavier structures, including large bridges and skyscrapers.

The steel piles are made up of carbon steel, which will be subjected to natural corrosion over time based on exposure to water, oxygen, and accelerating agents, including salt and other contaminants. Yet, the steel cased driven (SCD) piling design lasts more than 125 years in areas with limited deterioration rates and employed protective measures.

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