Strip Footing Foundation

Strip Footing Foundation

Foundations are the basis of every construction project. They are the make it or break it deal as an entire building has to rely upon the foundations for its weight.

There are various types of foundations in the construction world and different methods are utilized to install them as well. However, amongst the variation, we usually come across strip footing foundations. This foundation is utilized for load-bearing walls as it has twice the width of the wall. The technique through which the foundation has to be installed or reinforced is dependent on the soil’s bearing capacity.

If you do not have extensive knowledge about strip footing and where it is used, then you have stopped by the right place. We are here to bring you a detailed insight into where strip footing is used and what different types are available. Let’s dig in.

Where is Strip Footing Used?

The strip footing is usually used for load-bearing walls. You must be wondering how wide should strip footings be? The footings are twice as wide as the load-bearing wall. And in some cases, they are even wider. However, the width is largely dependent upon the bearing capacity of the soil, on which the strip footing foundation has to be installed.

When is Strip Footing Used?

Strip footing foundations are one of the most common types of foundations that contractors and builders opt for. However, your soil is the sole component of this decision. The bearing capacity of the soil on which the foundation has to be installed needs to be in good shape. They are best for projects where the load is not too huge. It is best for low to medium ratio buildings.

It is crucial that you discuss the different footings and foundations with your contractor before they make a decision. Discuss why a strip footing foundation would be the best for your building. It helps you understand the choices being made, more effectively.

Types of Strip Footing Foundations:

There are different types of strip footing foundations and we have listed them below for you:

  • Spread footings
  • Sloped footings
  • Strapped footings
  • Isolated footings
  • Raft footings
  • Combined footings

What should be the Width of the Foundation?

The width of the footing, no matter what type, is dependent on the structure specifications. Everything is considered from the site condition to the soil situation to determine the width. For example, two storey buildings require a 1.5-inch footing, at a minimum and this might vary or increase, according to different conditions. Your contractor will determine the best width of strip footing foundation for your project.

What is the Depth of a Strip Footing?

The thickness of the concrete strip footingis usually all concrete. Its thickness is nothing less than 200mm. The depth of the ground level should not be less than 800mm. According to your construction site and ground condition, Southern Foundations Piling can help you determine the depth of your strip footing foundation.

Strip Footing vs. Pad Footing

Strip footing foundations serve the purpose of supporting a stream of loads, mostly for load-bearing walls. On the other hand, pad footing foundations are used for concentrated loads that are extended through a single point load. These are usually structural columns.

How to Hire Professional Foundation Contractors?

Hiring the right team for your concrete strip footing foundation is very important. They are responsible for determining the type of foundation that would be suitable for your home or building.

Here are some basic steps that will help you hire the perfect team for the task:

  • Research is the key to success. Always look for different options before you select one. Having a set of options is the best.
  • Explore the builder’s or contractor’s website for their experience and portfolio.
  • Look for reviews. Always look for ratings as they portray the customer’s experiences.
  • Do a one-on-one meeting before hiring a contractor. Sit and discuss your needs with them thoroughly. This will give you a chance to evaluate their professionalism and work ethics too.

A little research will help you in making the right choice for yourself.


Strip footing is one of the many types of foundations that are accessible in the construction world. According to your soil condition, it is important to make the right pick for your building type. A professional team of contractors will help you make the right choice for your building and will ensure that the footings are installed perfectly well.

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